Friday, February 3, 2012

Paprika App

Highly recommended by my Move More Eat Well leader, Cathy Zielske, this app sounds definitely worth pursuing.  Get it here.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Equal" Rights

For almost my entire life, abortion (with some restrictions) has been legal in my country. I have always been vocal about how I feel regarding this issue.  If you don't want to get into a knock-down, drag-out argument with me, it's best not to even start the discussion, as I will not let it go.

To those who argue that this is a "women's" issue, consider your hypocrisy.  You fight for equal rights, but for whom? Your argument allows that women are more important than vulnerable children.  Your very nature should be to PROTECT children, not destroy them.  However, your alleged needs (wants) are supposed to trump the rights and needs of a little human.

Oh, but "it's" not really a "human?"  Tell that to someone who has dealt with infertility issues.  Tell that to someone who has seen the human, the size of a piece of rice, ALIVE in a sonogram after trying like hell to conceive.  The argument is a lame one, and one that absolutely cannot be proven.  You may say it cannot be disproven, either.  So, if we can neither prove nor disprove the "life" aspect of conception, how irresponsible is it to allow the procedure?

Recently, the Komen Foundation has pulled its funding for Planned Parenthood due to the fact that it is under investigation for using federal funding for abortions.  This has some people pretty angry.  I am angry, too.  I am angry that killing children seems to be OK, and that now some people think that Komen should lose its funding because of this move.  The arguments have been based on the money from Komen paying for cancer screenings gotten via Planned Parenthood. But, wait... with national health care, I thought that things like breast cancer screening were going to be "covered." I mean, that's what I was told when I listened to the rhetoric involved in that discussion.

People are lumping this into a purely political move.  As if no one in their right minds could possibly make this decision.  As if no one but lunatics would actually be anti-abortion...I mean, anti-woman...oh, wait... I AM a woman...And I am anti-abortion, not solely because my church tells me, or that it's a political move, but that I truly in my heart and gut believe it is WRONG and our society should be ashamed of itself in allowing it.  I am ashamed of the Democratic party...a party whom I joined because they were supposed to be for the underdog, for the marginal, for the minority.  Yet, they have grown into anything but that platform.

Hold an infant for an hour.  You'll understand what I mean.  Or talk to someone who can't get pregnant and deals with a desperate yearning to have a child.  Maybe you'll get it.  How about mandatory sonograms for those considering an abortion so that they can REALLY give informed consent?  Yeah, I didn't think so.