Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We began the Easter weekend with a day off for everyone... even Dad was home, off and on, on Good Friday. That was nice.

On Saturday, the Easter Bunny was BUSY making impulse buys at Walgreens. We also colored eggs before church. That night, we all attended Easter Vigil Mass at St. Patrick of Merna. Max was fantastic through the 3-hour service. He held a candle and tried hard to follow along in the program. Absolutely no foul words through the entire Mass (for anyone, but especially Max). Perhaps an exorcism? I just love the Easter Vigil, despite it's length.

Party boy Max didn't want to go to sleep when we returned. That meant we went to sleep and Mom needed to wake back up at 2:30 to make sure the Easter Bunny had arrived.

Max went around the house saying, "Happy Easter Bunny!" on Sunday morning. We had our typical pancakes and bacon. Then, at around 1, we had a ham dinner. After that, we all crashed. Now, at about 6:15, Scott and I hear Tony Horton calling us to, "Bring It." My heels finally don't ache, and I think I might be ready after my day o' rest.

Great weather, good times. Enjoy the photos.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ouchie wa wa!

OK, so I am obviously somewhat addicted to the P90X workout. At about 9:30 PM, I was feeling a little unsettled, as we had "skipped" Yoga tonight. Scott was really tired, and I had smashed my pinky toe into a kitchen chair, and it was wicked swollen. Yoga just didn't sound like our gig tonight.

I decided, with some cajoling from Karen, that I should give it a whirl. It's an hour and a half routine, and it kicks behind. I do most of the stretches, a lot with modifications, trying to keep the spirit of the stretch. I need to purchase some yoga bands to help with the lifting of my legs to where they need to go. Otherwise, I really like this particular workout.
Conclusion: When you don't want to do it, just do it. I am not always good about pushing myself.
I am glad I completed it, and am now thinking of running some bath water. The toe survived.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My legs finally stopped aching

Whew. I have let myself get out of shape, and this week, I have paid the price. The P90X workout has kicked my legs to a level they have not gone in a while. Cool. Heh heh.

I literally was grasping the railing at school while I went up and down the steps. Lots of quad work. Sprinkled in there was some yoga, which I think was a great thing for my legs at the time.

I am just having trouble getting in all the food I need to get in. Lots of protein. Lots of veggies. The protein is not a hard thing, but the veggies... yeesh. I am not a big fan.

So, as we wrap up week 1 of P90X this evening, in all, I really have liked it. We repeat this week next week and the week after. By then maybe I will feel comfortable doing a decent pull-up. We shall see.

Our gym membership also began (again) this week. I am not sure how much I want to do above the P90X workouts, but at least it's there if friends are going. I will definitely need it after I get this rear back in shape.