Sunday, November 4, 2012

12 again

So, OK, yes, I am a Rick Springfield groupie. Fell for him in my tween years, and it all just stayed there inside me. Since I was kind of young, I did not get to see him in concert or see his movie, Hard to Hold, but I did, indeed watch him fairly faithfully on General Hospital back in the day. Gorgeous dimples, beautiful eyes, and really great hair, even in his 60s. So when I heard he would be in Normal performing at ISU, there was no hesitation about whether or not I would be in the audience.

What I had not known is that he had written a book and talked fairly publicly about his battle with depression. I would not call my feeling when I heard that "pleasantly" surprised, because no one wishes depression on other people. However, my idol, the man that my twelve year old self was destined to marry, suffers with the same monster I do? There is one degree of separation, for sure.

I think of all the things I hear him discussing as of late, the one telling thing is that he very honestly relates that his success didn't save him. It was actually at the height of his success, when he thought he got what he wanted but realized that it was not what would make the depression go away, that he found his worst bout of it. I could 100% relate to that with my workaholism. If being "done" with something gave enough of a feeling of accomplishment, I would not be in this battle.

I didn't think I would like him any more than I already did, but that clinched it. Yeah, he has some other shady crap in his past. But I just watched him put on a 90-minute concert, ending it with his shirt off (and no one in the audience was anywhere near being repulsed) at age 63. He sounded terrific, looked like he was having a great time in little ol' Normal, and gave me the escape I needed. Hats off to you, Dr. Noah Drake! Thanks for making my weekend. I'm off to download your book.