Monday, February 15, 2010

Doctor visit

Just to be safe, Ignatius and I were checked out by an orthopedic doctor today. We both got great reviews. Ignatius is in no pain anymore, and I had what he considered "tissue pain," but the Xrays looked good. He indicated that it could either get better or worse... at which point, for the second time this week, I wondered, "Why didn't I go to med school, again?"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Grumble, grumble, mumble...

"Mom, I need clay."

"For what?"

"I need to make a model of Mt. McKinley for math class."

"Well, how much clay?"

"I don't know."

This turned into hours of screaming, throwing things, and, well, I am not even getting to how Ignatius reacted...

Yes, this project is due on Tuesday. (No, it was not assigned on Friday.) Yes... he had to determine the % increase and % decrease between the object and the original. And yes, he himself chose Mt. {freaking} McKinley when he could have done this project on, oh, say, a FORK.

I love my son... and that is why he is still breathing right now.

Photos of the Wreck

For those who didn't catch this on Facebook:

His car:

My car:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

This is ridiculous

So, I was so excited about the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. There I sat in my overly cozy basement, watching the athletes process across the screen... and I didn't even make it to the US... I was zonked! The bad part of that was that I have shoulder and hip/back soreness from the accident, so, when I was finally awakened by a screaming Max (his father was attempting to put Children's Tylenol in his feverish body), I was a wreck!

Had a lot of weird dreams last night/this morning. Alarm went off at 6:45, as Ignatius has a Scholastic Bowl tournament today at Metcalf. I stumble into the bathroom, look in the mirror and am greeted by a blazing red eye. Isn't that special?

So, Max and I toddle off to McDonalds for his Saturday morning biscuits and "gravies," which he has yet to touch two hours later, and to pick up cash for the tournament goers (now Ignatius and Scott) so they can purchase lunch. A half an hour into my time with Max, he has diarrhea. And it wasn't in the toilet, if you catch my meaning.

Seriously, if you can reboot a day, I would make it this one. And, well, maybe Thursday also.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crash, bam, boom

It started off as a seemingly innocent Thursday. I was on my way to drop Ignatius off at school and then head off to pick up pal, Nancy Miller, who was attending a meeting with me for Max. Stopped in the left hand lane heading westbound on Route 9... crunch! Slammed into from behind.

I guess the good thing is we didn't see it coming. I suppose that we would be in worse shape had we "braced" for it. Ignatius and I were both a little brain jumbled, if you will. My knee and my lower back are acting weird, but that may be from working out, too. I'm pretty sure the knee thing is new, though.

Scott took the van in for an estimate. Looks like between $8K and $10K on my car. I'm sure his little Altima is much worse. When Scott went to the body shop, it happened to be the same one that the other car was towed to. So, Scott took some pics of both autos, which I will be posting shortly. The guys at the auto place were wondering what "the other car" looked like. To the casual observer (me), my car looked a lot better than I thought it would based on the sound of the crash. However, when people who know cars looked at it... it's not in the greatest condition. So now, we wait for insurance companies to chat. The dude in front of me, into whom I was shoved, had probably the least amount of problems.

So, I am saying a prayer of gratitude tonight that Max was not in the car, as his booster seat was thrown to the front, Ignatius' glasses were thrown off of his head, my iPhone was thrown out of its holster in my console, and an old Mountain Dew can was spewed across the middle seat. I am also grateful that it was a Nissan Altima and not a tractor trailer.