Saturday, May 31, 2014

100 Happy Days 32-45

Day 33: Organizing Alphabet Stickers (of which I have a ridiculous amount)

Day 34: Today, I finally felt the significance of the lyrics: "No longer riding on the merry go round/I just had to let it go." and "When I say that I'm okay/Well, they look at me kind of strange/Surely you're not happy now/You no longer play the game." 

Day 35: The return of the green!

Day 36: McTeacher night with some of my favorite people

Day 37: The day the Papertrey server died and the longest group text ever between these two craft-addicted crazies

Day 38: The chain

Day 39: National Scrapbooking Day car selfie

Day 40: Doing my favorite thing: scrapbooking

Day 41: A start to a healthier path

Day 42: Struggling with the DVD subtitles actually made this feel like a Disney Sing-Along video

Day 43: Letters of appreciation from my students

Day 44: Another happy Meijer customer

Day 45: Mother's Day rainbow cake with Funfetti icing